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Call for Speakers

Ottawa International Game Conference

 Call for Speakers

 The 2014 Ottawa International Game Conference is now open for speaker submissions. We are looking for talented individuals with experience and interesting points of view to take the stage at the 3rd annual OIGC.

 Here are some important milestones to track during the Call for Speakers process:

 Deadline for submissions: March 10th, 2014
Speaker announcements: March 15th, 2014
Conference: May 25th – May 27th, 2014

 Please Read

This year’s OIGC is centered around three tracks: Business, Development and Indie. We are looking for speakers for all three tracks, and are willing to entertain ideas ranging from helpful to completely absurd and everything in between. What’s important to us is that the content is relevant and makes a positive contribution to the industry.

For those looking to suggest sessions for the Business Track, remember “if it makes dollars, it makes sense.” We want business leaders with a proven track record of helping a studio raise money, make money or prevent the loss of money. This track also covers everything on the marketing side of the business as well.

The Development track this year includes programming, creative, and creative programming. Send us your session ideas to help those in the process of making a game, or lessons learned on how to make them more beautiful. Anyone who is getting their hands dirty with a game should be suggesting a topic.

The Indie Track is new to OIGC and it’s going to be huge. Since this track is relatively new, we’re pretty open to the types of sessions that are run. Whether you want to talk about crowdfunding a game, or do a post-mortem on your crazy indie game, we’re open to it. Send us your wildest ideas.

 Presentation Formats

 Lectures – 45 mins (single speaker with engaging content).
Panels – 45 mins (maximum of 5 people including a moderator).
Workshop – Full day or Half Day (see Expectations for details).


It is recommended that speakers practice their talks for at least 20 hours to prepare for their session. This will help with tone, pace as well as preparation for questions from attendees.

We require a digital format of the presentation 1 week before the conference. We do not supply hardware for the workshops unless otherwise agreed on.

For panels, speakers must not all be from the same company, and must have the list of all panelists confirmed.

Workshops are happening on Sunday May 25th. The location will be decided based on room needs as well as expected registrations. Attendees must learn or improve a skill in order for the workshop to be considered. It can be interactive, in groups or a competition.

We are supplying projectors for speakers, your presentation will be given to the tech table, please let us know if you require to use your laptop or a different kind of hardware.


Please send your submissions to:

Carla De Ciccio



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