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OIGC Networking

OIGC is the Best Game Industry Networking Event in Ontario

OIGC is expecting around 500 attendees and 50 companies which makes this the best game industry networking event in Ontario. We’re excited to see companies both big and small, as well as a wide range of developers from mobile to console and even new emerging hardware.

Some of the companies you can expect to meet include Amazon, Square Enix, Micosoft, Ubisoft, Unity and more. You can expect to find these companies on the showroom floor where they’ll be showing off their latest games as well as taking resumes from any job seekers.

OIGC is also a great opportunity to meet all the great local game companies that are making Ottawa a fun place to live and work. Magmic, Bitheads, Snowed In, Fuel, Smoke Labs, Arctic Empire, Rat Rod Studios, and more will be at the show.

As you may have noticed from the speakers, we have a huge indie game community at OIGC this year. Double Stallion, Going Loud Studios, Breakfall and more will be showing off their indie games, whether it be in person or at the many demo pods we have set up at the conference.

There’s also great opportunities to meet media and pitch your game with Live 88.5, Ottawa Citizen, Mobile Syrup, Mobile Nations and more all attending the conference. OIGC will be a prime opportunity to tell everyone what you’re working on and join in on the collective buzz.

With so many companies at OIGC, you would be crazy to not be a part of the fun.

Here is a list of who you can expect to see:

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For information or to coordinate an interview:

Kyle McInnes
Media Relations for OIGC

Posted May 09, 2014 in: Speakers by Maha Rashidi

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