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The Ottawa Wizard Box

Get Your Game at House of TARG With The Ottawa Wizard Box Challenge


Ottawa, May 7th – The Ottawa International Game Conference, House of TARG, and the Dirty Rectangles are stoked to announce a joint venture to create a standup arcade cabinet called The Ottawa Wizard Box that plays local, indie games. Developers will have until May 27th to come up with a game idea which they will pitch at the conference. The game will be pitched to a panel of judges from TARG, OIGC and the industry, and the best games for each challenge will be selected to be the launch games for The Ottawa Wizard Box. To be clear, you must have an OIGC pass to be eligible.

Developers should choose to pitch their game based on one of the five following challenges. Pick a challenge and run with it. We deliberately made these challenges vague to prevent us from stepping on your creative toes. Each challenge has some guidelines just to make sure these games are in the spirit of the House Of TARG arcade. Pitch your plan for one or more of the challenges we have set before you.

Challenge 1: The Official House Of TARG Perogie Video Game

Create a House Of TARG branded game that features Perogies as the central theme. Do whatever you want but just do the House Of TARG proud. You can download some House Of TARG marketing collateral at this link.

Challenge 2: Retro Parody Game With An Ottawa Twist

Use a classic 80’s arcade game(s) as your inspiration for a re-mix that is full of Ottawa related references (eg landmarks, locations, personalities, heritage, businesses etc.). Make it unmistakably Ottawa, retro and fun!

Challenge 3: The Punk Rock vs Metal Fighter

Use classic fighters like Karate Champ, Pit Fighter or even WWF Wrestlefest as your inspiration and dress it up with a heavy metal versus punk rock angle. Ronnie James Dio versus Johnny Rotten, who would win? Everyone loves button mashing at the arcade and this genre is all about the characters. Make it rock!

Challenge 4: The Sound of Music (Ottawa Style)

Music is usually the unsung hero of a great game. Your main goal with this challenge is to change that. Get your music guy to include tunes by your favourite Ottawa bands. There are tons of them. Whip up some 8-bit versions, use samples; it’s up to you. The game can be any genre. We just want to hear tunes that were brewed right here in the Nation’s Capital.

Challenge 5: Submarine

House Of TARG co-founder Yogi Granger is always talking about submarines. We don’t really ask too many questions about this unusual obsession but maybe we can help him out if he actually has a submarine themed game to play.

If your pitch is selected, be prepared to create an executable file that will be added to the cabinet game launcher on The Ottawa Wizard Box. Your game can be created with Unity, C++, Flash or whatever you need to get the job done. Pitches that are given the green light will be given more specific tech requirements such as button mapping. The initial selection phase is based on the merits of the game concept and plan of attack. Sell the sizzle, we are hungry! Demos are best, but screenshots and used car salesmen and good too.

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Kyle McInnes
Media Relations for OIGC

About the 2014 Ottawa International Game Conference

The 2014 Ottawa International Game Conference takes place at the NAC from May 25th – 27th. The event is organized by a consortium of Ottawa game developers and business organizations led by Magmic, Fuel, bitHeads/Playbrains, Snowed In Studios, Dirty Rectangles with the Official party by House of SAS.

About House of TARG

House Of TARG is an Ottawa live music venue with tons of pinball/classic arcade machines and a tantalizing perogie menu. We feature the best local and international rock, metal, punk bands and dj’s we can find.

About The Dirty Rectangles

Dirty Rectangles is a collective of Ottawa based game designers and artists committed to the exploration of games as a medium of expression. We hold Monthly meetings, competitions and parties that promote and push forward game culture.

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